Human Trafficking Through Social Media

Human Trafficking Through Social Media


The problem we have identified is people of all genders are being trafficked through the use of social media.

Team Information

About the Problem

Problem Category


Problem Context


How did you identify this problem?

Seeing is on social media, mass texts through Social Media Platforms, television shows showing the dangers of social media and how naive people can be.

Problem Details

Who are those affected by this problem?

Naive women mostly, but men too. Usually mid-late teens, twenties and thirties.

How often does this problem occur?

More often than we know about.

How long has the problem been going on?

Longer than we know about.

Is the problem disrupting the community? How?

It is is so disrupting, that people don't want to talk about it.

Is the issue perceived as a problem by the community at large?


Is the problem limited to certain geographic areas?

It happens all over the world.

Who are the Stakeholders, those wanting this problem to be fixed?

We need to spread awareness.

Addressing the Problem

Are you aware of any solutions, approaches, or efforts to tackle this problem?

Trafficking charities and reporting the problem.

What are the obstacles you are aware of to address the problem?

It is dangerous.

What are the success criteria that could be defined to address this problem?

Bringing awareness.