Cost of Living In California

Cost of Living In California


Californians have seen a drastic increase in the cost of living. This increase has been steadily rising in the past decade. Recent covid issues and inflation in the past couple years have been adding more flame to the fire.

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About the Problem

Problem Category


Problem Context


How did you identify this problem?

We identified the problem after noticing the cost of everything rising.

Problem Details

Who are those affected by this problem?

Those affected by this problem includes all residents and visitors of California.

How often does this problem occur?

How often the issue of high cost of living cannot be measured. We can say that high cost of living occurs due to high wages, taxes, etc.

How long has the problem been going on?

Cost of living have been increasing in the past decade.

Is the problem disrupting the community? How?

The problem of high cost of living affects not just the community, but a majority of residents in California.

Is the issue perceived as a problem by the community at large?

Yes, some community members have to reduce their spending, and make adjustments on what and how they spend their money.

Is the problem limited to certain geographic areas?

High cost of living in this case is associated with the geographic areas of California.

Who are the Stakeholders, those wanting this problem to be fixed?

Stakeholders of the problem would include those affected by the high cost of living. This would include lower, middle, and parts of upper class families.

Addressing the Problem

Are you aware of any solutions, approaches, or efforts to tackle this problem?

Solutions to the problem could include reducing state tax, limit programs that give out money.

What are the obstacles you are aware of to address the problem?

Obstacles of addressing the problem includes different opinions, adjusting state bills and programs.

What are the success criteria that could be defined to address this problem?

Median household cost going down 10 percent in the next 5 years.