In general California has a huge issue with homelessness. Modesto itself has gotten worse and worse. I work in the Modesto Costco shopping center. There alone we have one homeless man who walks up and down in front of our shops. We also have several camped out behind our stores. Everyday there is someone begging on the median before people turn into the lot.

Team Information
Affordable Living

About the Problem

Problem Category

Affordable Living

How did you identify this problem?

I identified this problem do to seeing it everyday I go to work. Well, anywhere now adays.

Problem Details

Who are those affected by this problem?

Everyone is affected by this problem. From the homeless person to the typical person.

How often does this problem occur?

This problem is a daily occurrence and seems to just be getting worse and worse.

How long has the problem been going on?

The problem has been going on for years and years.

Is the problem disrupting the community? How?

Yes, because sometimes they set up camps in parks or other public areas preventing access to the general public.

Is the issue perceived as a problem by the community at large?

Yes, everyone in California can see this as an issue.

Is the problem limited to certain geographic areas?

I believe everywhere has these issues. However, it is more likely to occur somewhere that has great weather, such as California.

Who are the Stakeholders, those wanting this problem to be fixed?

The general public wants this issue to be addressed

Addressing the Problem

Are you aware of any solutions, approaches, or efforts to tackle this problem?

There has been talks of more affordable living.

What are the obstacles you are aware of to address the problem?

One obstacle is a lot of the homeless population are on drugs that can cause several issues.

What are the success criteria that could be defined to address this problem?

The success criteria that could be defined to address this problem is having more places where homeless people can find shelter and help to get back on their feet.