Mental State In Schools Today

Mental State In Schools Today


The mental and social well-being of students is at an all-time low, which disrupts students from a fulfilling their education.

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Central Valley United

About the Problem

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How did you identify this problem?

We identified this problem as both recent students in high school and through conversations with teachers and students in school today.  

Problem Details

Who are those affected by this problem?

Those who are affected by this problem are students, teachers, parents, and the community.

How often does this problem occur?

This is an everyday problem inside and outside the classroom.

How long has the problem been going on?

The mental and social well-being of students has been an area of discussion for decades. However, this problem has been exacerbated due to the COVID-19 quarantine. 

Is the problem disrupting the community? How?

This problem has disrupted the community as students have lost social skills, which impacts their mental states, thus disrupting their education.

Is the issue perceived as a problem by the community at large?

No, this problem is not perceived as a problem in the community outside the educational realm. 

Is the problem limited to certain geographic areas?

No, the problem is not limited to certain geographic areas. However, lower socio-economic areas are unproportionally disadvantaged.

Who are the Stakeholders, those wanting this problem to be fixed?

Those who want this problem to be fixed are teachers, parents, facilities, and future employers.

Addressing the Problem

Are you aware of any solutions, approaches, or efforts to tackle this problem?

The solutions promoted by the school did not fully tackle the problem at hand and instead sugarcoated the true problems.

What are the obstacles you are aware of to address the problem?

The obstacles that are in the way of addressing this problem are students, staff, and parents who are uneducated about this problem and therefore unable to fix it.

What are the success criteria that could be defined to address this problem?

Success criteria for this problem would be increased attendance and fewer disrupted classroom behaviors along with higher student interaction in non-curricular activities.