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After reaching out to members of our community it is apparent that they all have something in common. The need for something in our life as children and teens to help us develop in a positive environment. Adriana has reached out to students, friends, and residents to get a better understanding of what impact youth centers could make upon a community. After gathering this research many people have stated that activities as a child helped them escape negative living situations and encouraged them to steer away from substances. We believe it is so crucial to have resources that allow for our children to thrive for a better future. As the article from the CDC cited below states “Positive youth development programs strengthen young people's sense of identity, belief in the future, self-regulation, and self-efficacy as well as their social, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral competence.” As these types of programs are becoming more common there have been significant statements on children and teens who have benefited from them. Youth centers and programs help not only development of youth but they also allow them to build healthy and strong friendships throughout. Youth centers can also allow for educational assistance and open the doors to different career opportunities. In both articles listed they discuss how as the youth is benefited a community thrives as it’s driven into a positive change. It’s clear our community needs a positive outlet that truly will benefit our future. Resources Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2022, November 2). Positive youth development. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Retrieved February 24, 2023, from HTTP:// Marilyn Price-Mitchell, P. D. (2020, November 16). Youth programs: What makes them effective?