Solving Food Waste Crisis

Solving Food Waste Crisis


With the invention of Exprecipe, we will confront the food waste issue.

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Inventors Club

Chaffey College

About the Problem

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Context & Problem Description

Exprecipe is a mobile application that we are developing that will allow the user to scan household ingredients using their phone camera and return recipes based on them. This will allow the user of the app to be able to create multiple new and especially culturally diverse recipes using the ingredients that they already have. Allowing the users to save on food waste and eating out costs because they will be able to maximize the ingredients that they have at home.

Problem Category


How did you identify this problem? (Research, Interviews, etc.)

Asking around in our community. Conducting interviews with team members family members and students around campus.

Problem Details

Who are those affected by this problem? (Provide detailed information including statistics, demographics, etc.)

People affected by this problem include: College students who eat out regularly, families and parents, people who don't have much culinary knowledge.

How often does this problem occur?

Every day to some people who just don't know what recipe to make with what they have.

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Please explain how long the problem has been going on?

Personally, this issue has been affecting me for years now. Everyone we interviewed had the same sentiment.

How is the problem disrupting your community?

This problem not only challenges the capability of people making their own food at home in fast and efficient ways, but is also destroying the food economy and food waste problem.

Please explain if the issue is perceived as a problem by your community.

Through the interviews with participants, we received similar interest in a solution for food waste.

What are the specific geographic areas impacted by the problem?

Within America, all families are affected by this problem. Approximately 40% of all food in the US is wasted.

Who are the Stakeholders, those wanting this problem to be fixed?

Some stakeholders include household families, college students, and other people who want to experience new cuisines within cultures.

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